Recruitment at Software Club

We are looking for people to join our team who are as excited and passionate as we are about the world of investing, tech, and entrepreneurship!

Our recruitment process

The application process at Software Club is pretty simple and straightforward.


If your profile matches a position and your application is a stand-out, we will invite you to an introduction interview with one of our team members.

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A successful first interview leads to a case study that will verify the skills and competencies attached to the position you're applying for.


If you've done well on your case study, it will be followed by two more interviews with members of our Leadership Team.


There will be a final interview with one of our co-founders. This last interview round will allow us to make a definitive decision before proceeding with an offer.

Our open positions

Download the linked document for all of the necessary information regarding each position.

Chief Technology Officer

Full-time CDI | ASAP | based in Paris

Investment Research Manager

Full-time CDI | ASAP | based in Paris

Investment & Strategy Analyst

Full-time CDI | flexible start date | based in Paris

Investment Analyst Intern

Internship | ASAP | based in Paris

Senior Investment & Strategy Analyst

Full-time | Flexible start date | based in Paris

Lead Product Designer

Full-time | ASAP | based in Paris

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Recruitment FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about us and our hiring process