Software Club

We look for the best Software
& Technology companies to invest in

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We created Software Club because
nothing like it existed before.

Software Club mutualizes a top international team to look for the best public software & tech companies to invest in. We follow the Private Equity investment methodology
seeking solid returns in the medium-long term.

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What you can expect when you join Software Club

Invest in the best software & tech companies at the right moment

We aim for 10%+ annual portfolio yield for the next 3-5 years

Understand in detail the leading software & tech firms in the world

We dissect them to understand what makes them stand out and where they are heading

Join a community of savvy, high-profile investors

We bring together communities of investors, entrepreneurs, and executives that share a strong interest in software & technology

Performance of Software & Technology investing

Annual returns have outperformed public equity markets over the past years

Why Software Club exists

Software & tech will be bringing the best investment opportunities in the next 5 years

There's never been a greater need for automation and efficiency in the world, and we'll be seeing more and more software & tech companies start, grow, and innovate

Investing well in software & tech companies requires in-depth analysis

Only thorough work, through long discussions with customers and competitors, can help you invest confidently in software & tech companies

A community can achieve more and achieve better

No individual investor has the time to carry out this work alone, and Software Club mutualizes the best global team of researchers to help you make the right investment decisions

Who are the typical members of Software Club?

Individual Investors

Software & Technology Entrepreneurs

Software & Technology Executives

Family Offices

Consulting and M&A Professionals

*Note: Memberships can be sponsored by employers or companies

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