Our story

Software Club was founded in Paris in January 2020 for the exact purpose that it continues to serve today—as a club for high-profile individuals & institutions who have the need for deep due diligence to help them with their software & technology investments.

Today, it gathers some of the most high-profile tech founders as well as institutional and individual tech investors, building collective intelligence and mutualizing the benefits of best-in-class research.

Our members include tech founders, C-level software executives, and Partners from some of the leading PE firms, VC firms, Family Offices in Europe.

Our mission is to invest in the best B2B companies in software & technology. We follow the Private Equity investment methodology seeking solid returns in the medium-long term.

Since founding, we have seen 25% monthly member growth and are on track to continue this trend to double in size in the coming months and solidify our position as the European Software & Tech investing thought leader.