Working at Software Club

Learn about our perks & benefits and how we provide support for learning!

Our values


  • shared knowledge & transparency
  • insight driven
  • internally developed strong convictions based on deep research


  • internal diversity
  • global perspective
  • complimentary views


  • continuing to build our dream team
  • passion for entrepreneurship
  • aiming for maximum impact


  • new company model & ways of growing
  • speed of innovation & decision-making
  • focused & lean


  • being driven by feedback (internal & of our members)
  • as the foundation of our methodology
  • as our DNA & mindset


  • team = members = investors
  • shared goal of learning & developing further
  • people are our main asset

The perks & benefits of being part of the team

Healthcare coverage

We've got you covered with Alan

Swile card

Use this card to cover your daily food expenses on top of unlimited snacks and drinks at the office

Transport & Mobile

We will reimburse 50% of your monthly transport fees and your mobile phone bill

Gym & Fitness

Our office building has a well-equipped gym anyone from the team can access for free

Unlimited drinks & snacks

We provide a mix of healthy and indulgent snacks as well as a selection of beverages free to help you fuel for work

Monthly team events

Every month, we organise different team activities so that everyone can bond outside of the workplace setting

Support for continuous Learning

Coaching for personal development

Each team member will have regular pulse checks with their Team Leader. The pulse checks include, but are not limited to, discussions about responsibilities, achievements, struggles, and work-life balance. It’s in our best interest that you have everything you need to succeed in your role.

Subsidies on certifications and training

Whether it’s learning macros on Excel or improving your French, we support it! We also host in-house trainings led by one of our senior management or by an outsourced expert.

Regular feedback

We foster an open environment: Using an internal survey tool, all team members can regularly and anonymously send feedback to constructively point out what we can do better, both professionally and culturally. We also encourage using external platforms such as Glassdoor for transparency.

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