About Us

Our story

Software Club was founded in late 2019 as a small investment firm that looked into some of the most promising software & technology companies in the world. Today, it gathers some of the most passionate tech investors and entrepreneurs, and mutualizes the benefits of best-in-class research.

Since founding we have seen 25%-monthly member growth and hope to continue this trend to double in size in the coming months and solidify our position as the European Software & Tech thought leader.

Our Values


We strive to always carry out every task, no matter how little or great, at the highest level and never settling for anything less.


We value the power of maintaining the drive to keep going upwards and onwards, always doing better, innovating, and learning new things.


This embodies openness, communication, and accountability. There are no black boxes at Software Club and everyone is engaged.


We foster a strong sense of community, through emphasis on teamwork and diversity. We do not work in silos and we welcome people from different walks of life.

Our mission

Our mission is to invest in the best public & private B2B companies in software & technology. Ultimately, we want to democratize access to fundamental and analytical knowledge behind making the right investment decisions.

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